We are delighted to host our 3rd annual event for the wealth management community in the Philippines.

Wealth management in the Philippines continues to be characterised by ‘savers’ rather than ‘investors’. Inevitably, this is a consequence of the availability of mostly simple products. Innovation remains relatively stifled. With three different regulators responsible for oversight for banking, asset management and insurance, there is no level playing field to provide products and services in an efficient way.

The win-win, it seems, will come when advisers offer needs-based selling via open architecture platforms, and when investors become a bit less risk-averse via investments and insurance solutions as a way to build and protect wealth.

However, to ensure any initiatives have meaning and will have an impact, the regulator needs to step in to help encourage a more structured and comprehensive approach to investor education and professional development.

At the same time, banks need to evolve their offerings and models to really differentiate themselves, as fees and products are still too similar.

Part of this relates to developing digital tools and driving a more relevant customer engagement; this is the focus for most banks for the time being. It is also critical as they look to make themselves more relevant for the millennials, plus to create a more long-lasting impression on clients today.

Against this backdrop, we will design this agenda to look at where the market is at today, the opportunities and challenges it faces, and where it needs to go to move to the next level.

This event is for anyone servicing wealthy clients – including retail banks, bank trust arms, insurance companies, securities firms, asset managers and others.

Key also to the content is providing insights from experts in overseas markets – sharing best practices, the components of successful businesses, and lessons learned from developing and managing wealth management offerings – and regulation – elsewhere in Asia.


Makati Shangri-La Hotel, Manila

Corner, Ayala Ave, Makati,

1200 Metro Manila, Philippines