Creating a bigger independent wealth community in Singapore

In a video interview, Steve Knabl of Swiss Asia and AIAM Singapore explains how the Association must stay closely connected with the whole local independent community and its service providers, to grow membership and stay relevant going forward.

Dissemination of more valuable information via events to ensure Singapore’s independent asset management firms can stay ahead of the curve will see this segment of the community make strides in the coming year.

This is according to Steve Knabl, chief operating officer and managing partner of Swiss Asia, and also president of the Association of Independent Asset Managers (AIAM) Singapore. 

A year after he took over the AIAM presidency, some of the changes have included a more targeted focus on training and educational events for members.

He said the next 12 months will require the Association to work more closely with its associate members – to craft some interesting training events on investments, plus more focused compliance sessions. 

“Our ordinary members need a vested interest to attend events that are educational, bring them value and are meaningful,” he adds.

Membership growth

Knabl expects to boost the current number of nearly 40 ordinary members of the Association by 10% to 20% over the coming year. This will happen, he explains, if the AIAM can overcome the challenge of articulating the value to potential members of being a part of it – including providing resources over both the short term and long term.

Being front-and-centre in the independent community is therefore essential for the Association, says Knabl. “If we don’t talk to our peers in the industry, we very quickly lose out; we become firms that are behind the curve and we will not know what people are saying and doing, or what the new trends are.” 

Talking to all of the industry’s service providers is also key, he adds. “We have to understand what their challenges are and what is coming up next.”

He believes it is important to prepare for the future. “The Association is not just here for today; it is here for tomorrow as well.”

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